• Ted Murphy was born in the Claddagh and reared in Two Mile Ditch, Castlegar (new window) where he became one the Greatest Castlegar Hurlers and was honoured in our team of the Century announced in 1998.
  • Educated in Castlegar National School 
  • Ted "cut his teeth" at Senior Hurling level, at a youthful 16 years of age when they overcame Turlough in 1963.
  • A Hurling Powerhouse; an inspiration to those after him. Respected, by those who played against him, and with him.
  • Club President, 2011.
  • "I take my hat off once again to old reliable Ted Murphy, who, I'm told, was playing in liis tenth  S.H. Final and was as solid and dependable as". Ref.Advertiser Archives.

Ted worked with the Galway County Council in the mid 1960's. Many locals were there that time including Paddy Joe Casserly, Sean Casserly, Johnny Maloney, Micheal Cresham, Jim Furey and Tommy Grealish (Junior and Senior, as sub contractors) , to name a few. Jack Murphy sold the quarry in Two Mile Ditch to Roadstone (C.R.H.) and many people left the Council to join Roadstone - Ted was one of those, and worked there for a few decades. He Hurled with Roadstone also, in The Inter-Firms Competitions. 


Listen to Ollie Turner speak about Ted Murphy and Stephen Francis, as they were selected to be on a theoretical Hurling Team of the '60's.